ecoplan:net ltd. evolved from the Ecoplan:net Institute (ecological and economic planning for the environment and tourism), a joint venture between James Mac Gregor, at the time a 20 year veteran of corporate consulting, and Ms. Leslie Jarvie, of Mountain Travel Sobek, in California.

Within a few years, ecoplan:net ltd. became one of the most recognized tourism planning firm, particularly in such niche markets as ecotourism, sustainable tourism, and adventure/education travel in North America.

In 1990, the firm was commissioned, by The Banff Centre for Management, to develop, design and deliver Canada's first ecotourism training program. ecoplan:net has subsequently developed a series of ecotourism, sustainable tourism and green management workshops (including the worlds first ecotourism train-the-trainer program) which have been delivered worldwide.

The ecoplan:net team consists of a diverse, transdisciplinary and cross cultural group of individuals, all of whom share a commitment to environmental protection and a sustainable economy through strategic planning.

Team members include:

James R. Mac Gregor, President

  • founder and manager
  • strategic tourism planner
  • landscape architect,
  • community planner
  • educator, writer, trainer

James is ecoplan:nets' senior consultant and one of North Americas most experienced ecotourism/sustainable tourism planners. Before establishing ecoplan:net he held management positions with such international consulting firms as SNC Lavalin and Groupe Poulin Theriault.

He has 30 years of tourism planning experience and has completed assignment in every province and territory of Canada. James has managed more than 300 tourism assignments in 12 countries.

He has worked extensively for Aboriginal Peoples worldwide and is a well known tourism educator who has delivered workshops to more than 2500 participants in the past decade.

He has been an advisor to senior government officials, aboriginal chiefs and community/regional organizations.

Robert Boyle

Robert is a well know architect, particularly because of his work in the development of sustainable architecture and ecodesign specifications and standards. He has more than 30 years experience in facility development for the tourism industry including lodges, interpretation centres, resorts, and attractions.

Douglas Gordon

Douglas has more than 30 years experience in the preparation of resource management plans, particularly in fisheries and forestry. He has worked extensively with native groups throughout North America.

Peter Lumby

Peter brings more than 35 years of corporate and business development, management and investment experience to the firm.

As a former vice-president of SNC Lavalin his assignments involved a diverse understanding of international institutional structures, capacity building requirements, financing mechanisms and multilateral funding.

Christina Dolphin

ecoplan:net and ecoplan:search® offer clients an extensive tourism and environmental planning research base. Christina is responsible for maintaining and mining the ecoplan:search Tour Wholesaler Index and statistical database, including setting up and managing client databases and mailing lists.

Olivier Allanbach-Illaire

Olivier is an experienced tour manager and planner. He enables ecoplan:net to develop profitable and realistic tour products for our clients. He is also an experienced guide trainer specializing in adventure travel and ecotourism.

Associate Firms and Agencies

ecoplan:net has a close working relationship with numerous consulting firms, government agencies, and environmental associations, all of which bring a body of knowledge and specialists to the various consulting assignments.

For instance, we have worked with such agencies as the Canadian Museum of Nature, Conservation International, the Smithsonian Institution, etc. who have greatly expanded our human resource base.

Service to Consulting Firms

ecoplan:net has also provided tourism planning services to many international and Canadian consulting firms including ANZDEC (New Zealand), Tropical Research and Development (Florida), Associates in Tourism Development (Oregon), anderson/fast (Saskatchewan), the Tourism Research Group (England).