Several ecoplan:net papers and publications are available for electronic or print distribution. Our staff will make an effort to bring at least one new paper on line each month.

The following texts are available for immediate electronic delivery:

Bahamas Sustainable Tourism Development Policies

These policies are considered one of the most comprehensive in the world and contributed to the Bahamas receiving the 1996 Green Globe Achievement Award.

Ecodesign Criteria and Development of the Ecolodge

This 28 page paper also includes a comprehensive list of design principles and development/operations criteria as well as the step by step process of preparing a business plan and marketing strategy.

Ecotourism and the Gateway Community Concept

This paper was prepared for the 'Premiers 1999 Economic Summit' and explores the combined natural and cultural dimensions of the ecotourism. Building on the original Greek definition of the word 'oikos', the derivation of the word 'eco', this paper expands on the role of the community in ecotourism development.

Sustainable Tourism Development Principles and Practices

James was asked to contribute the chapter on Sustainable Tourism Development for 'The Encyclopedia of Hospitality and Tourism' published by Van Norstrand Rienholt, New York, NY.

He developed a set of seven principles to be integrated into the Sustainable Planning Process.

An Action Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development, Canada

This document was originally prepared for Tourism Canada, as part of the GLOBE 90 (Global Opportunities for Business and the Environment) Conference.

This paper, which was written by the Tourism Steam Coordinator, James Mac Gregor became Canada's first Policy Statement on Sustainable Tourism.

Available in English and French.

The Economic Value of Protected Areas

This paper, which was prepared for the Speaker of the House - Canadian Parliament and the Canadian Wildlife Federation, describes the various short and long term benefits of protected areas and parks. The paper was used to accelerate the process of completing Canada National Park System by 2000.

Preparation of A National Sustainable Tourism Development Plan, Keynote Address, Yale University

This address identifies the diversity of stakeholders involved in the Sustainable Tourism Planning Process. It also questions the real and perceived impacts of ecotourism while promoting green management practices throughout the tourism industry.

'Plainfication et Formation en Ecotourismé et aires Protégées'. - Madagascar

Soumis à United States Agency for International Development pour Tropical Research and Development, Inc. par ecoplan:net ltd.

Available in French and English

Other publications and conference papers which are available in print include: